Vitberg Mini Shield

Vitberg Mini Shield is a great solution for individuals and businesses which are looking for alternatives to other types of masks. It does not impair breathing. It is small, ultra light and very comfortable. You will forget you are wearing it after 5 minutes.

At the same time, it is durable and reusable. It will serve you for weeks and save you money. Perfect alternative to expensive traditional masks.

Vitberg Mini Shield - Vitberg Ireland
Vitberg Mini Shield - Vitberg Ireland
Vitberg Mini Shield - Vitberg Ireland

Main features:

  • Very comfortable to wear. You forget you use it after few minutes.
  • It does not impair breathing. 
  • Light and transparent.
  • Others can finally see your smile.
  • Reusable – lasts for up to 30 washes meaning that it can serve up to a month. It is a one off cost per month.
  • Cost per use and per month is at least 52% cheaper than a single use mask *
  • Ideal for glasses wearers. Its unique design helps prevent fogging of the glasses.
  • Great solution for hearing impaired users.
  • Works with Face ID.
  • Easy to carry and store (one case included in the box)
  • Made from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and hypoallergenic materials. CE certified. This makes it a high quality product.
  • Made in EU
  • It is ideal alternative to other types of masks on the market: 
  • Single use masks (high cost per month, you cannot see verbal expression), reusable masks (difficult to breathe in , non transparent, takes long time to dry) and big face shields (difficult to carry, transport and scary looking).
  • Vitberg Mini Shield eliminates all these problems and helps businesses serve customers again.
  • Sold as single or in boxes of 2 (including the case).

* Based on an average cost of single use mask in 30 day period

About Us

iBreathe(Neo Design Limited T/A iBreathe VAT: IE 3561908QH ) is a sole and official distributor of a EU manufacturer of PPE products cat 1 – Vitberg Ltd.
In our offer we have a unique, patent pending product – Vitberg Mini Shield as well as 5 layer Reusable masks, Face Shields and Masks with eye shield cover.
We are particularly proud to present a unique, patent pending type of mask called Vitberg Mini Shield mask.
Vitberg Mini Shield has been created to meet the needs of the customer facing businesses which rely on the verbal communication and face to face contact. 
Due to its design Vitberg Mini Shield is ideal for hairdressers, beauticians, restaurants, shops, sports clubs, gyms, courier companies, airlines and other customer facing businesses where verbal communication is key.

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Disclaimer: Vitberg products presented on this website are designed to aid defence against the pollutants and infectious sprays however they make no 100% assurance that they can prevent transmission of disease or viruses. They are not a medical/surgical/clinical products and should not be used for this purpose. Products are non-returnable.